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20 September 2016



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On 20 September, the Miroglio Piazza della Scala concept store will be the location for the launch of two events, both linked to the world of cinema.

Elena Mirò will present its new Fall/Winter 2016 “Vanessa designs Elena Mirò”, the result of a partnership between the actress and the Miroglio Fashion prêt-à-porter brand.

Vanessa Incontrada is one of the actresses best loved by other women. Her positive, friendly approach, her frankness, the fact that she is “normal” and a mother and yet, at the same time a highly professional star of films and TV series, theatre actress, and presenter and showgirl make her an eclectic, contemporary woman. She is the ideal interpreter for a brand like Elena Mirò, which has always been an expression of these values in fashion.

I started out in the world of fashion at the age of 16 and only began working on TV and in films several years later – said Vanessa Incontrada –. However, I have never stopped closely following the evolution of fashion in terms of trends, fabrics, etc. until I opened my own shop. I had for a while wanted to create a real clothing collection bearing my name and when I was asked to do so by Elena Mirò I realised the time was right. The designers at Elena Mirò provided me with all the information and support I needed. We worked together to create the looks that I best relate to and today, I am happy with the final result.My favourite style … informal yet sophisticated! I have designed unstructured and easy to wear garments, the kind I like: clothes with essential lines and minimum contemporary style. Given that knits play an important role in my winter wardrobe, in this capsule collection they are like a soft and cosy common denominator, starting with a poncho that could well be the season’s must-have. In this sense, even those garments traditionally made using fabric are here knitted, like the little Scottish tartan coat or the reworked duffel with its tweed look: sophisticated yet decidedly easy items, ideal for the autumn. The yarns are particularly pleasing to the touch with priority given to natural fibres, starting with a 100% woollen yarn used for dresses and knits with a clean-cut, essential kimono effect, perfect over a super-feminine long skirt with three layers of tulle. I adore this skirt, a valid alternative to jeans with a used yet sophisticated look or to timeless blue chinos. For anyone who prefers more formal clothing to knits, we have reworked the concept of the jacket, using superstretch crepe fabrics. These jackets have an especially flattering line, constructed yet pleasant and as comfortable as a cardigan. Presented in different lengths, they represent a feminine twist on masculine garments, like the little waisted coat in black and white tweed. Then finally we come to the “Vanessa Bag”, in leather with unique design.”

The photo shoot for the “Vanessa Incontrada disegna Elena Mirò” capsule collection is by Gian Paolo Barbieri, who is continuing his work with the brand after starting with the spring-summer 2016 season

The photos of Vanessa’s capsule collection taken for this new campaign alternate with some of the most famous shots by Gian Paolo Barbieri from the “Cinema & Moda” exhibition (curated by 29 Arts in Progress) that will also be presented on 20 September, in the “Miroglio Piazza della Scala” concept store and will run for over month.

There is a selection of “remakes” of famous moments from great films (from “To Catch a Thief” to “Casablanca”) and portraits of film stars by this great Italian photographer during his long career. These include extremely well known ones of Audrey Hepburn, Sofia Loren, Monica Bellucci and, obviously, Vanessa Incontrada herself, photographed for the first time by Gian Paolo Barbieri in 2004.

Some of these photos have been used to make a limited edition of dresses, Tees and accessories that, together with Vanessa’s capsule collection, will be sold in Elena Mirò stores, in the main department stores, and in a selected series of multi-brand and online stores.