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17 October 2016

Tailoritaly, the web platform for creating customized Made in Italy collections

Presented today, the project is a partnership with the Miroglio Group.

Debuting on the market is Tailoritaly, the new web platform developed in partnership with the Gruppo Miroglio, for purchasing and customizing fully Made in Italy women’s fashion garments.

The new brand’s business model is particularly innovative. The e-commerce website can, in fact, be used to add a host of details to the pieces in the collection that make them unique: from the length of the sleeves, thru the shape of the collar to the colour effects for the pockets. From the fit of a jacket or shirt (plain, with flounces or drawstring at the waist) to hundreds of accessories like bows, bands and a variety of types of button. The details can then be viewed on the chosen style before it is purchased.

It is an innovative production method that combines the industrial process with a final touch of made in Italy craftsmanship” explain Monica Calicchio and Giuseppe Giammetta, who devised Tailoritaly along with Francesco Leone and Marco Minutoli.

The garments are produced one-by-one in just a few days, thanks to the Miroglio Group’s excellent supply chain management service.

“The partnership is part of a scheme being implemented with the Miroglio Innovation Program (MIP)” explains Leonardo Raineri, Head of MIP, a program set up in the company to facilitate the development of innovative, creative ideas. “Tailoritaly follows the corporate entrepreneurship theme which saw the successful début of  TheColorSoup, start-up venture, the first web platform for on-demand fabric printing. The element featuring in both projects is customization, which is a growing trend in the world of fashion, and is of increasing interest for the Group with a view to future industrial scale applications”.

The first 2016 Fall-Winter collection capsule designed by Tailoritaly’s creative team is made up of 13 items and 2 accessories, but there are more than 800 possible customization combinations. The oversize shape and structured fabrics make for an eclectic capsule that is both sophisticated and practical. Tailoritaly’s style is timeless, bringing together evergreen and contemporary trends with a palette of warm colours such as ochre yellow, tobacco and powder pink.

The Tailoritaly project was presented today in Milan at the Miroglio di Piazza della Scala, where for two weeks customers will be able to try out the new customization service on two web stations.





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