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18 September 2008

Spring/Summer 2009: Garden Party

The setting of an elegant garden party is the inspiration behind the new Elena Mirò spring summer collection.

An enchanted, romantic garden party conjuring up the exclusive atmospheres of the late Victorian period, when the elegant guests of these gatherings, held against the back-drop of Newport and Rhode Island, and along the River Hudson, were the focus with their fashion of the society pages of Harper’s Bazaar.

This is the background to Elena Mirò’s very own vision of the garden party as an extraordinary moment of celebration of feminine beauty, and of colour, gaiety, and the joy of living.

The main ornamental element is provided by Chantilly lace, making pants and dresses - both for the daytime and the evening - romantic. Colourful and never aggressive, it highlights both the airy sensuality and the open-air innocence of Elena Mirò’s femininity. 

The palette of colours confirms the delicate yet radiant, floral inspiration, with an array of shades ranging from the magical glow of pollen along country lanes to the bright vividness of camellias, the dreamy sky blue of forget-me-nots, and the romantic tenderness of peonies. 

Blouses and dresses in chiffon or voile leave the shoulders bare; sangallo lace tunics and bustiers suggest sartorial constructions which are both elegant and simple.  

Of particular note are the short jackets, where the choice of a hopsack weave fabric with a shiny coating gives an effect of imperceptible lustre and preciousness.

The floral motif runs through the collection in the prints too, especially the peony, which is interpreted graphically and applied to dresses to create elegant cocktail digressions.

Bell-bottom trousers matched with decorated tunics hint at a glamorous, eye-catching streak that features above-all in the accessories, like the golden mesh pochette and the semi-rigid gold bracelets.

Colourful, dreamy and precious. The Elena Mirò garden party becomes a symbol of sensual, stylish femininity, and the timeless expression of the decorative distinction of women all over the world.