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17 September 2013

For.Me Elena Mirò: Spring Summer 2014


The Miroglio Group has created For.Me Elena Mirò with the aim of enhancing the beauty of the female form with a recognisable stylistic identity.
For spring-summer 2014, the brand cuts to the chase, giving it an urban dimension and syncopated rhythm, a model of elegance with a relaxed attitude in which natural elegance dictates the style.
White graphics are set against black and together they create rhythmic patterns, inlays, and sharp colour contrasts that remind us of shadows cast by skyscrapers on the crisscross of city streets. Fabrics move in unison with the language of the city and its street signs too. Python effect is teamed with silver for oh-so-cool glamorous bermudas. Garments feature an exquisite weave that is postmodern and abstract, and patchwork and single-colour chalk prints create a striking visual effect.
On flowing dresses of a fluid, dynamic elegance, asymmetric lines reveal décolleté and legs, resulting in a female form that is acutely aware of its own sensuality. Super sophisticated urban nuances emphasise a wardrobe that wows, with a unique, contemporary style that is joyfully aimed at women who want to be elegant at all times.