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19 September 2012

Spring Summer 2013: Curvy Evolution

The new For.Me Elena Mirò collection sets its sights firmly on glamour and seductiveness, pursuing an increasingly sophisticated and sartorial approach to curvy proportions. Extreme care is being put into each garment’s design, and the waist, hips and necklines are highlighted unwaveringly.

The pieces have a decidedly graphic soul. The prints take centre stage, and evoke the ikaat, a unique process for dyeing yarns of Indonesian origin. The garments are brought to life by soft geometries that yield to a chromatic and design sensuousness, radiating with sophisticated palettes of cornflower blue, purple and black mixed with white and crimson, and modulated with warmer natural hues.

The safari is another obvious design inspiration, although not interpreted as simplistic tribalism. Instead, the prints hint at a naturalness free of constraints, and textured fabrics with a three-dimensional feel have been chosen.

The iconic “Marilyn” dress – a modern take on the classic sheath dress – has the true leading role in this collection. Entirely made in 2-ply cady, with dizzying, shaping slits to mould the body, it evokes the star’s unhindered sensuality.

In a classic safari jacket, topstitching on silk shantung and gazaar upstage any association with sport. Even a black tuxedo, the most classic in formal menswear, takes on a soft spontaneity in a flat-felled seam raffia version. Similarly, very long men’s blazers are wholly unlined and made as ethereal as shirts.

Each garment becomes a statement of hyper femininity.

The collection is rounded off by three very long, purely couture-inspired dresses in silk georgette, which showcase the exciting study of curvy proportions carried out by For.Me Elena Mirò as a constantly evolving path towards uncovering magnificent possibilities.