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21 September 2011

Spring Summer 2012

The new collection by Elena Mirò evokes a world filled with the rich Spanish colours and decorations, and borrows light from the multi-coloured compositions of sunsets and landscapes immersed in golden summer sunshine.

Toledo’s terraces are draped in a spectacular mantle of fiery red and purple bougainvillea and hydrangea flowers. These hues are never presented alone, but always mixed together in motifs. Blooms and branches become graphic design patterns, which unfurl across dresses in flexible groups of black and white, on a background of bright colours.

Silks and crepe de chine accompany flowing draped dresses, always coordinated with precious details: grosgrain sashes, decorative stitching and large zippers for double layered dresses. Front and back play on opposite materials and volumes, in a tailoring style which uses slight asymmetry and vivacious dynamism, such as a one-shouldered dress with one puffed sleeve.

The colour palette cools off briefly to black and white with a sheath dress in borderless optical polka dots. Then brighten up again with blazing bronze filigree in another part of the collection, inspired by the Sahara culture but definitely unrelated to any folklore or ethnic style.

Like shimmering desert mirages, fabrics take on material weight, body and almost metallic substance. Pieces are always made with two layers: colonial skirts with large pockets matched with lamè tops. Jacquard tromp l’oeuil with a gold tint alternates with a new type of tweed. In addition to straight boxy tunic dresses, we also see small pilot jackets and waist length jackets, decorated with embroidered metallic trim.

Gold and bronze Ottoman tops, ultra-decorated with Lurex embroidery, sequins and stones to obtain a majestically Mediterranean ornamental style. And more geometric white and kaki dots. A classic sheath dress turns into a jewel through preciously decorated details.

On the whole, the pieces in this collection are cut to celebrate the female figure, accenting a high waist and lengthening the silhouette, also thanks to the choice of very high heels. Unique details make even the simplest lines more sophisticated, with an increasing number of subtle fashion accents for today’s feminine look.