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10 October 2012

The partnership between Miroglio and GAM

The Miroglio Group’s commitment to supporting local ventures in favour of contemporary art continues.
The partnership between the Miroglio Group and the Turin Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art (GAM) has resulted in the first event in Surprise, an exhibition project dedicated to exploring specific aspects of artistic research in Turin in the Sixties and Seventies (GAM, from 12 October 2012 to 6 January 2013).
A double thread links the company to this period of history: founded in Alba in 1947, it was one of the players that contributed over those years to the country’s industrial and economic development, and at the same time it interpreted a role as attentive observer of the dynamics that distinguished such a fertile artistic period.
The Miroglio Group also has a very close association with Ugo Nespolo, the protagonist of the first event in Surprise. It was Nespolo - an irreverent artist blessed with an attitude of amused light-heartedness with which he engulfs all his works, making them joyful yet never “thoughtless” - who was entrusted by Miroglio with the artistic reworking of the Group’s historic logo.
The collaboration with the Gallery of Modern Art in the Surprise exhibition project is part of a series of initiatives that testify to the growing attention the Miroglio Group has been dedicating for some time to the world of art and modern forms of expression, leading the company to explore new frontiers of creativity as a way of implementing a new corporate vision which is increasingly open to incorporating contemporary culture.
February 2012 saw the presentation in Paris of the “Metri d’arte” (Metres of Art) fabric collection resulting from the synergy between the designers of the Miroglio Style Office and a group of artists invited to create new textures inspired by the subject of dreams. The experimental project contributed to bringing art into the productive heart of the company, highlighting a long-standing tradition.
In November 2011, the “Reggia della Venaria Reale” (Venaria Royal Palace) housed the Creative Workshop “Elena Mirò. Art & Fashion”, during which twelve young stylists were invited to draw inspiration from Pinot Gallizio’s work “La notte barbara” in creating an equal number of unique styles, which will be on display on October 15th at the Circolo dei Lettori (Readers Circle) in Turin during the “Voce del Verbo Moda” event.