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01 May 2017


The artist continues her collaboration with Fiorella Rubino, breathing life into a new capsule collection on sale in all stores in Italy

After nearly a year of collaboration between the artist and the Miroglio Fashion brand, in addition to her role as celebrity spokesperson, Noemi will also become a designer, affirming the perfect liaison with the brand.

“Music is influenced by different cultures and rhythms, and in turn crosses over into other industries like clothing,” says Noemi. “In the 2016 F/W collection I just gave a new twist to the Fiorella Rubino garments, playing by mixing and matching. In the meantime, working in closer contact with the brand’s designers I became passionate about design and I started reflecting on what might be my perfect collection, according to my tastes, for when I travel, between concerts, for every moment of the day, up to the most elegant situations on the stage. So we all worked together to breathe life into a collection that resembles me. A collection with a rock, folk, cosmopolitan, and feminine soul,” the artist adds. “The rock ‘n roll part of the collection is best expressed by the stone-washed denim jacket embellished with studs, or the skinny jeans with scratches and rips. Even the studded faux leather biker’s jacket is an iconic garment of us women with rock ‘n roll in our soul, but made more feminine by the embroidered flowers.”

The “Fiorella Rubino remix by Noemi” capsule collection isn’t just limited to the rock part, and tends toward new trends.

“I have always had a great love for Japanese art and culture. I made some unique, wonderful prints, giving shape to tunics on a satin fabric, with joined hems and loose sleeves, vaguely reminiscent of the kimonos donned by the geishas. But that’s not all. I sought to mix the oriental culture with the trends of the moment by using flower prints in several sizes. The outcome is folk garments, like palazzo pyjama pants paired with a lingerie top in the same print, or a light crépon chemise that goes down to the feet in hippie style, an inspiration that we got from musical events around the world.”

This mini collection ends with the most elegant and feminine part. “In this case, I created garments that enhance the sensuality and curves of us women. For example, georgette jumpsuits with a plunging neckline in front and lace inserts,” adds Noemi.

The partnership between Noemi and Fiorella Rubino has therefore strengthened, generating a collaboration that goes beyond merely having a celebrity spokesperson. Hans Hoegstedt, the new CEO of Miroglio Fashion, underscores this aspect: “Since we’ve started reasoning in terms of style with Noemi, the collaboration has become even stronger and more solid. She has managed to transfer her energy, vitality, creativity, and musicality, transforming all of this into a capsule collection that expresses Fiorella Rubino’s same values, a brand that has always been a flag bearer of positive, authentic values that best identify themselves with our clients”

Elisa Guidi, style manager for the Fiorella Rubino capsule collection concludes: “With Noemi a perfect harmony has formed. We are on the same wavelength. Her ideas, her tips, immediately become something concrete. Noemi is pure energy.”

The “Fiorella Rubino remix by Noemi” collection is in the 210 single brand stores throughout the nation and on the brand’s e-commerce channel:

The launch of the capsule collection was accompanied by a press campaign in the main fashion magazines, on the Internet, and the main radio stations.