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04 May 2012

My Motivi My T-shirt

Motivi is launching the first capsule collection created together with a customer

“My Motivi My T-shirt” is the result of an encounter between Motivi and one of the brand’s customers. Veronica Pozzi is an illustrator with an intimate, personal approach who applied on the net with particularly striking designs. Within a few weeks of working with Motivi’s team of stylists she had created the first “customer-designed” capsule collection .
The collection is made up of six exclusive T-shirts through which Veronica has portrayed her personal way of living fashion and feeling chic by creating original ideas, each of which expresses a different feeling, a different emotion.
With this project Motivi confirms its constant pursuit of originality and creativity, giving one of its customers a real chance to express her talent and become a stylist to all intents and purposes. An authentic new way of being close to customers which will be carried forward over time with other projects aimed at their active involvement.
The collection is already available today through Motivi’s Online Shop (, while a special window will be dedicated to the project when it is presented in stores from May 7th to 21st. Each garment will be accompanied by an explanatory brochure and specially-made bespoke packaging.
Videos telling the full story of the project, chapter by chapter, will be published on the website and on the official social network channels ( and