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30 July 2012 wins recognition at Mediastars

Motivi’s Shop Online project awarded two “stars” in the Internet Section.

Mediastars is one of the most authoritative Italian awards in advertising, corporate design, web and multimedia communication. Each year an independent jury made up of experts in each specific area of specialization and in marketing and communication from leading companies awards prizes to the best websites and traditional and digital communication projects.
At its XVI edition in 2012 the “ – Shop Online” project was recognized twice over by the jury, winning two “Stars” in the Internet Section for the Creative Direction and Usability of its e-commerce portal.
Leading fast fashion brand Motivi has over 600 branded stores worldwide. Three years ago it launched its Shop Online project by creating an in-house team of specialists to round off the brand’s digital strategy.
The graphics and functionality of the official website are reworked constantly, with listening, interaction and dialog as the elements driving a winning strategy that uses social networks (Facebook, Flickr, Youtube) - as well as the blog - as its main engagement tool.