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03 October 2014


14 of the brand’s garments will be on sale for two weeks exclusively via the innovative "instant shopping" app.

An international fast fashion player with 450 single-brand stores in 33 countries and 300 cities, Motivi has inaugurated the first "smart store” in Italy, adopting the innovative PowaTag "instant shopping” app. 

This new technology is destined to revolutionise the way consumers make purchases and relate with brands. Customers will be able to buy the latest trends launched by Motivi with PowaTag, wherever and whenever. All they need to do is scan a "QR code” or use the "Audio Tag” option (which allows them to buy a product after seeing a TV advert, listening to a radio promo or hearing an announcement during a public event). PowaTag purchases are instantaneous, the transaction is completed in a couple of clicks.

The concept of "smart shopping” has been officially introduced to Italy today, when the PowaTag launch made 14 Motivi garments available for purchase exclusively via this innovative technology in the Milan store in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, with a discount of 10% off the retail price. Special guest at the event and the first Motivi PowaTag customer was Giorgia Palmas.

For the launch, transformation of the location into a "smart store” meant that customers could buy Motivi garments using the "QR code” on gigantic cut-outs and digital screens, or with special Audio Tag devices.

Motivi also flooded the Milan fashion district with QR code leaflets, turning the whole area into one big virtual store. Thousands of serviettes and drinks mats were also distributed to bars and restaurants in Milan, allowing consumers to make PowaTag purchases anywhere, anytime.

"We are pleased to be the first brand to introduce the smart store to Italy, thanks to our partnership with PowaTag”, said Giuseppe Miroglio, President of the eponymous group. He continued, "Motivi is looking to provide its customers with a better purchase experience and integration of this technology reflects our philosophy, simplifying the purchase process and offering many different new ways to buy goods”.

In addition to Motivi, Powa Technologies has signed agreements with over 800 brands and retailers around the world, with many more under negotiation. "The introduction of the smart store by Motivi is proof of the brand’s commitment to launching a real multi-channel experience and is the prelude to the future of the retail market in Italy,” stated Dan Wagner, CEO and founder of Powa Technologies.   He concluded, "We are excited to be helping Motivi be the first Italian brand to embrace this unprecedented merger of offline and online commerce”.

Powa Technologies is an English start-up specialising in innovative solutions for e-commerce, with headquarters in London and offices in over 14 cities throughout the world, including Milan, New York, Paris and Beijing. PowaTag, the new retail sales service from Powa Technologies, has revolutionised the retail world and to date has been adopted by over 800 brands worldwide (including Universal Music and Carrefour).