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13 February 2018


LIFE is the lens through which we can understand the historic time we are currently experiencing, and fashion will inevitably reflect and reinterpret it for seasons to come.
Never before this century or millennium have the themes of new technologies, forward-thinking, or even re-examination of the past been so crucial. The same can be said for the themes of travel, continuous movement, and even the search for our origins; environmentalism, everything pertaining to the environment, and the central role played by humans and the human body in the universe.
Opposites that attract, seemingly irreconcilable extremes – these are the contradictions of the modern world that we are attempting to interpret, bring together and speak of.
The LIFE project consists of five moods – PURE, MOVE, HEART, ECO and EARTH – that reflect the five key trends of the upcoming Miroglio Textile S/S 2019 season. Within each mood, we explore the various themes in relation to release times, occasions for use, pattern backgrounds, printing techniques, or, more directly, design types.