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10 February 2015

Miroglio Textile brings to Première Vision its digital smart revolution and presents 4 lifestyle collections

Miroglio Textile Miroglio Textile is the European leader in the printed textile market and thanks to its continuous investment in research and technology innovation (25 million euros just in the last 3 years), the company is able to offer its customers a high level of creativity and a highly customized service, through traditional and latest generation in digital printing.

At Première Vision Paris Miroglio textile will introduce an offer made up of no less than 4 spring/summer 2016 collections designed for a variety of lifestyles which are able to respond in a focused way to the needs of the various market segments:

Stampati: the Heritage collection that for over 50 years has been meeting the needs for women’s clothing with a classic taste, but one that is always up-to-date. A vast range of designs, colours and possibilities of customisation, a "tailor-made" of great content and history.

D+:  the range that tells about Miroglio Textile’s desire to experiment. The search for new frontiers of creativity and colour have allowed the conception of this collection, emblem of digital printing that makes Miroglio Textile an important trend setter.

Oro: the collection that highlights refinement and preciousness. Its prerogatives are elegance and sophistication, aspects that are realised in the design with colours that are subdued, but at the same time important.

Everyday: the collection closest to the young segment, mainstream, very fast and full of new creative energies. It is a collection in flux, always in movement and evolution, which looks at the younger generations as a reference market.

Miroglio Textile has a high consideration of the sustainability aspect of its collections and has developed a strategy that is attentive to quality and to environmental footprint of its products for many years; already in 2012 Miroglio Textile launched its E.Volution™ project that has allowed great savings in water (more than 50%), energy (30%) and CO2 emissions (up to 30%). In 2014 the Miroglio Group joined the Greenpeace Detox campaign.