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23 June 2020


Miroglio forges ahead with its industrial diversification project, extending the offering with its new CE marked surgical face mask Medical Devices

Having already committed itself since March to grappling rapidly with the huge demand for face masks from the institutions and the public, the Miroglio Group is continuing to pursue its intention to make its industrial know-how and experience available in order to combat the Covid emergency by starting to produce surgical face masks.

This continuation of the process of diversifying the Group’s production through industrial expansion sees the opening of a new centre of excellence for the automated production of the masks in a controlled bacterial count environment at its Pollenzo Plant, Bra (Cuneo).

The Miroglio surgical masks are Disposable Medical Devices (Class I – Type II), made in Italy in conformity with Directive 93/42/EEC, CE marked and individually packaged. Composed of two layers of 80 g/m2 SMS fabric, the face masks provide a bacterial filtration efficiency of higher than 98%.

Thanks to its M360 business unit specialized in integrated sourcing, prototyping and packing throughout the value chain, today the Miroglio Group is able to produce and distribute 40,000 SMS surgical masks a day by making full use of the new plant operating in Pollenzo. By the end of July Miroglio will be equipped with a second production line, taking its daily output capacity to 100,000 masks and delivering a project which is also destined to continue once the current emergency is over.

“Thanks to the plant which is already up and running and the new line we will soon be opening – says M360 business unit manager Stefano Mulasso by the end of year we expect to produce between 7 and 10 million masks. Half a million will be allocated to Miroglio Group employees working at our sites and 900 stores, while the remainder will be distributed on the market at a unit price of less than 50 cents”.

Already available, initially the Medical Devices are being distributed to the institutional and industrial organizations which request them, the world of mass market retail and the channels specialized in the distribution of pharmaceutical products.

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