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16 May 2017


The leading European apparel and textiles group Miroglio is among the first Italian companies to introduce Workplace, the new business collaboration and communication platform conceived by Facebook to facilitate internal communication.

Workplace is the business version of Facebook, specially designed for companies and the people who work in them. Just as informal and intuitive as Facebook, it is perfect for the world of work. It allows for the sharing of information and files, the creation of groups for specific work projects, event planning, messaging and all the features already offered by the traditional tool. But it does it with a business approach, generating positive effects on both performance and engagement.

Workplace offers theme-based working groups in which every employee can make their own contribution “horizontally”, with no hierarchies or power structures involved. The fast, unstructured interaction dynamics which are typical of social networks let each coworker share the most innovative and positive part of their projects, generating a virtuous chain effect of constant work improvement.

“In taking this decision, the Miroglio Group is pioneering the adoption of innovative business collaboration tools”, says Hans Hoegstedt, Miroglio Fashion’s CEO. “Workplace is a tool that enables interaction between the people working in the company, creating a network that will take in offices and stores and facilitate the spreading of ideas and the sharing of corporate projects. It is one of a kind, something that revolutionizes the way of doing business. For me it is also a way of feeling “the pulse of the company”: seeing the various teams and work groups interact, stimulate and challenge each other through the hundreds of posts on the network. An innovative and more efficient way to work.

In this way a sort of vast “collective intelligence” is built up, picking up every good idea and creative inspiration at the time of its very conception. So we are enthusiastic about being one of the first to adopt this tool, which is used today by more than 3500 people within the group”.

“Thanks to Workplace, the Group’s employees will be able to communicate with each other simply and quickly” adds Luciano Manini, the Miroglio Group’s Chief Technology Officer. “It will be possible to share content from both desktop computers and on the move via tablet and smartphone, taking a social media approach with decidedly user-friendly dynamics”.

Workplace’s official release began for all the company’s Italian stores in July, following a pilot scheme lasting three months. In the autumn it was extended to all the staff at Miroglio Fashion’s head office, and it will soon be available to all the Group’s employees.