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26 January 2018


Miroglio Fashion strengthens its omnichannel approach and integrates the various sales avenues through a multi-channel strategy.

For Miroglio Fashion, 2017 was a year of change, packed with new projects and retail ventures. Recently completed are “300 in 300”, which saw the renovation of 300 stores in 300 days, “Retail 4.0”, with which a series of technologically advanced activities have been implemented for the benefit of sales outlets, and the inauguration of three key flagship stores (Caractère, Elena Mirò and Motivi). 2017 was also a digital watershed year, with cutting edge e-commerce and CRM tools acquiring ever more importance in supporting and integrating the traditional sales channels (1188 branded stores and a wholesale network encompassing more than 2400 shops).

"Digital, e-commerce and Customer Relationship Management are of paramount importance in Miroglio Fashion’s new strategic roadmap" says the company’s Managing Director, Hans Hoegstedt. “We are very pleased with the first results obtained in 2017 from our Omnichannel projects: alongside the traditional sales channels, they have enabled us to offer our customers a completely fluid shopping experience between all the on and offline channels”.

Over the course of the year, Miroglio Fashion developed no fewer than 5 new e-commerce websites (on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform) for the Motivi, Oltre, Fiorella Rubino, Elena Mirò and Caractère brands, adding to the Tailoritaly startup website dedicated to customizable fashion to achieve online sales of 70% up on 2016.

“It was decided to boost the e-commerce channel” comments Alberto Brenta, Head of e-commerce, digital & CRM, “in order to meet the needs of our customers, who are themselves already to all intents and purposes ‘multi-channel’ because they interface naturally and seamlessly with the various online and offline touchpoints. In fact, as well as shopping online they interact with shops by using the in-store tablets to make assisted purchases or request the delivery of remotely purchased garments to a sales outlet for collection. Orders with store delivery now account for around 40% of the online total”.

Miroglio Fashion has dedicated a lot of attention to seeking to offer its customers a unique, bespoke “mobile” experience. This is demonstrated by the fact that smartphone and tablet sessions have increased by 50% over the last year, generating “mobile” sales of more than three times higher than 2016.

Online visibility has also increased by five or ten times depending on the brand. “Thanks to  meticulous work on SEO (Search Engine Optimization)” explains Brenta “our brands and their websites are much more visible in online searches. In particular as regards our curvy brands, for which results are excellent, not only in terms of searches by keyword, but also those linked to our customers’ specific needs”.

The increase in visibility is hinged on growing brand notoriety achieved partly through the strengthening of social media presence. Miroglio Fashion saw growth in all its social channels in 2017, and has decided to focus in 2018 above-all on Instagram, the most up-to-date and relevant to the world of fashion. “Our fanbase has grown by 86%, and we have noted a more than 100% increase in engagement, which for us is highly significant”, adds Brenta.

The social media channels play an increasingly significant role for the company, because besides reinforcing brand awareness and communication they make it possible to implement major “CRM-based” strategies aimed at custom management of customer relations and the acquisition of new consumers in a target market, especially in the curvy segment. Miroglio Fashion’s CRM in Italy can count on a customer base of 3.7 million retained customers, 511 thousand of whom made purchases in 2017.

Social media are also increasingly effective in their “drive to web” (the brand’s fanbases are very active and increasingly follow up a first contact by going to the website) and “drive to store” roles (launching soon will be a project that sets out - through Facebook too - to increase traffic to physical stores in specific geographical areas).

2018 will also be the year of reinforcement on the marketplace. Miroglio Fashion has been on Amazon with its brands for more than a year now, and these channels are to be developed with a twofold objective: to boost its presence on markets abroad, and offer its customers an even wider choice in terms of shopping channels. “In all non-proprietary touchpoints, marketplaces and flashsales we handle the image and presentation of our brands and product in a way which is always perfectly in keeping with our proprietary online and physical channels” concludes Alberto Brenta.