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23 September 2009

Lizzie Miller and Crystal Renn for Elena Miro’

Elena Miró takes to the catwalk with the most highly-acclaimed “curvy” models of the moment: Lizzie Miller and Crystal Renn.

Gorgeous and full-figured. Elena Miró is welcoming to its catwalk at Milano Moda Donna the two most celebrated and admired curvy top models of the moment. Celebrated and admired for their beauty, but also for their stories, which have made them positive focal points for women of every nation and every size.
A recent discovery is Lizzie Miller: after being portrayed in the nude and proud of her body in this September’s issue of the American edition of Glamour, in a photo accompanying an article about feeling comfortable in your own skin, she has become a fully-blown female idol in the United States on account of her positive attitude and remarkable vitality.
Now she is making her début on the Milan runway, thanks to Elena Miró.
For superstar model Crystal Renn, much-loved for her breathtaking figure (96 cm bust, 76 cm waist and 106 cm hips) and perfect face, this will be a top class confirmation on the other hand. Formerly muse for Steven Meisel and face for the most prestigious magazines (from Vogue to Vanity Fair, from Harper’s Bazaar to Another Magazine), she was launched in Italy by Elena Miró, who have chosen here as testimonial for their own feminine philosophy at Milano Moda Donna since 2006. Discovered at the age of 14 by a model agency that wanted to launch her into the world of fashion on the condition that she lost at least 20 kilos, Renn’s determination has led to her enjoying international success without having
to compromise on her natural lines in any way.
A double presence on the catwalk confirming the ability of the Miroglio Fashion label to capture the aesthetic - and above-all value-based - sensitivity of a highly important and substantial female universe which has understood that harmony matters more than size in attaining happiness and wellbeing.