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15 April 2015


A new philosophy set to make big waves.

All too often women find themselves getting frustrated with an outfit which caught their attention in a store. It’s beautiful to look at but as soon as they put it on something isn't right. With Made on Me, Motivi launches a fashion revolution with a collection and a service for its customers that enhances each woman's individuality.

No more standardisation and uniformity according to someone else's canons. Here, the focus is on each individual woman, who is offered the latest fashion trends with the aim of enhancing their individuality and emphasising their qualities. To do this, the collection goes beyond the concept of sizes and introduces the concept of the "shape" of the garment, of which there are three:

DIAMANTE, designed to enhance the waist and shoulders

PERLA, designed to slide over the chest and waist

SIRENA, designed to enhance the entire figure

You cannot choose the right look for every woman based on size alone: Motivi verified this by meeting thousands of women every day in its stores, and the “It’s easy to say 42” video is further confirmation. How often does the same outfit look good on one woman and nowhere near as good on another of the same size? Every woman is different!

The new Motivi philosophy is very simple and, at the same time, quite explosive: you are unique. And you shouldn't have to change your body to adapt to fashion. At long last it is fashion that has to adapt to you.

A collection greeted with enthusiasm on the social media and online: in fact, the online video campaign stars twenty female bloggers, Instagrammers, vloggers and YouTubers that every day confront a fashion world that tends to treat them like clothes hangers. And they have had enough of being left to feel inadequate by the cut of a skirt..."enough is enough" is their good-natured cry, and with their #tuseiunica - you are unique - chant, they underline their desire to be themselves. 

Made on Me is scheduled for launch in April with an important TV campaign on the main national networks with 30-second and 15-second adverts directed by Felix De Castro (RED Robiglio & Dematteis agency), and dedicated online content due to appear on all of the  social networks (HUb09 agency).

In all stores and online, with the new app it will be easy to discover every woman's ideal shape and the shop assistants will be on hand to suggest the right look to emphasise their unique qualities.  

On Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 April the Motivi stores in the biggest Italian cities will welcome the Motivi designers and stylists, who will help customers to choose the right outfit.



             Watch the TV AD                Watch “Tu sei unica”         Watch the campaign





Music: M. Fabrizio

Lyrics: B. Lauzi

Editions: Universal Music Publishing Ricordi s.r.l./Promovideo Ed. Mus. s.r.l./Curci Ed. s.r.l.