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07 December 2016

Fiorella Rubino launches Online Only.

The first capsule collection “made” 3 times: “by fans”, “in Italy” and “only for the web”.

For the first time, Fiorella Rubino is launching a capsule collection that brings together three distinctive characteristics to create a project like no other.

Made by fans
A capsule collection has been created by the brand’s designers after having collected suggestions, ideas and comments from the large Fiorella Rubino online community for over three months. This community has a high level of loyalty to the brand that has over 170,000 fans on the social media.
The ideas from the online world were crosschecked using a trend analysis in order to determine the most popular products and the most interesting fashions emerging from the catwalks. 

Made in Italy
The long process of analysis and listening to the online community led to the creation of a capsule collection strictly “Made in Italy” and designed to ensure the utmost quality and attention to detail: 15 fashionable garments that are both sensual and romantic at the same time.
Garments designed specifically for the evening and for other special occasions: synthetic fur jackets, pullovers in mohair mix yarn, tulle and pleated skirts, lace bodysuits. Perfect colours for evenings out and special New Year’s parties: black, silver, gold and bottle green. 

Made only for the web
One of the most distinctive features of this capsule collection is the fact that it is also 100% digital in nature.
Created, developed and shaped by the online community and then sold exclusively online, accompanied by the voices of a selection of bloggers closely connected to the curvy world.

“The Online Only project” - stresses Hans Hoegstedt, CEO of Miroglio Fashion - “forms part of the brand’s growth process that, since the autumn of 2016, has resulted in a series of innovative operations and projects such as “Fiorella GO!” and “No Size”, where the focus is always on the product. Projects that have performed admirably and that have been supported by the brand’s successful partnership with an exceptional spokesperson such as Noemithe talented artist featured in the Fiorella Rubino autumn press campaign, the vivacious and joyous expression of a brand that has introduced fast fashion style and trends to the curvy world.”  

The garments of the Online Only collection will go on sale exclusively on the brand’s official website on 6 December 2016.