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02 May 2012

Filatura di Saluzzo

Polyester yarns for apparel fabrics

On 1st May 2012 the breakup of Miroglio Textile’s Polyester Filament Yarn Division resulted in the establishment of Filatura di Saluzzo s.r.l.. The immediate effect of the creation of the new company will be the gradual involvement of the Sinterama Group in the management of its strategic and operational activities.
This is the first substantive step following on from the agreements signed over the last few days between the Miroglio Group and the Sinterama Group.
Under the direction of its current manager, Stefano Cochis, Filatura di Saluzzo will focus on apparel yarns, paying particular attention to its specialty products which are already enjoying success on the market.
“The agreement with the Sinterama Group” explains Stefano Cochis, “represents an extraordinary opportunity for our Division to make the most of our tradition of excellence in the sphere of innovative clothing yarns. In particular, we will be reinforcing our leadership in the field of sustainable fashion, and continuing the development of hi-tech yarns targeting the technical clothing sectors with greater potential for growth on the European market.
Particular emphasis will be placed on the development of the Newlife project, the most important European platform of environmentally-friendly yarns with a systemic approach, with a view to establishing the brand as the fashion system benchmark in Europe."
Sinterama Group and Miroglio Group were advised by legal teams from Orrick (composed of partner Guido Testa and senior associate Emanuela Longo) and Sciumé Zaccheo & Associati - Studio SZA (comprising partner Stefano Bombelli and Dr. Sonja Pajic).