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16 February 2008

Fall/Winter 2008-09: the pop glam of Elena Mirò

Flashes of colour which suddenly and with surprising vivacity light up the night in a metropolis immersed in dark shades.

Cyclamen, iris and bright greens. This is how the new Elena Mirò collection illuminates itself of forcefully pop fluo flashes. Dizzy glam, for a woman with a new attitude.

Appropriately enough, ex Blondie leader and unforgotten queen of cool Deborah Harry, is the feminine icon. Hyper coloured and oversized angora jumpers are matched with straight black male trousers. A formal severity, turned into glam by the use of smeared black laminated fabrics.

The collection focuses on matches/contrasts which are driven by a continuous and joyous incursion inside the male wardrobe, that for Elena Mirò becomes a Pandora’s box filled with extraordinary treasures. In particular the accessories, such as ties and suspenders, are transformed into appealing androgynous jewels embroidered with rhinestones, and they are dedicated as a tribute to David Bowie of Ziggy Stardust.

As for the Thin White Duke, life plays on a glittering stage, where sequins sparkle in the eyes of the spectators. Green, like those of the blouses, or gold, such as those of the jackets, the skirts and the dresses.

A collection in which the masculine/feminine mix privileges a balanced positive sensuality.
A model which Elena Mirò celebrates and exports with success throughout the world.