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24 February 2010

Fall Winter 2010/2011: The year of curves

For next autumn-winter Elena Mirò establishes original relationships between worlds that, on the surface, seem miles apart, and works on contrasts to produce a new and elegant harmony. From the blend of Western and Eastern results a contemporary vision of beauty.
It is a woman that moves in sophisticated and knowingly refined circles, such as Lauren Bacall in a film noir, striving for ever more perfect elegance. This sensitivity is augmented by a highly refined Oriental inspiration that can be seen throughout the collection in the continuous colour and graphical suggestions, giving the garments a decidedly modern look and establishing a new and seductive equilibrium.
Soft platinum waves on trouser suits with marked shoulders; close-fitting longuette skirts combined with sartorially structured jackets; fitted dresses that emphasise the waistline; the linings of coats elegantly lined and refined with trimmings. The dévoré processing of silks and wools gives dresses a strong sense of tridimensionality; jacquard and sequins create elusive optical games.  
The effect is elegant dynamism, showily underlined by the presence of an Oriental tree with branches that stretch out evocatively. A time honoured symbol of renewal, its arched trunk represents a bridge that connects past and future, a meeting point between distant worlds.
As such, the prized sartorial structure finds a new lease of life in sophisticated Oriental colours that vividly evoke Chinese porcelain, ranging from full tones such as Bordeaux, ruby and aubergine to softer and hazier shades like beige and turtledove. Languid coloured silks gives clothes a porcelain shine whilst precious decorations, such as the Chinese dragon, appear on the stylish geometrical labyrinths of the costume jewellery. For the hair, smart chopsticks are used to form new and sensual ideograms.
With this collection Elena Mirò once again shows how genuine style must use its inspiration to distance itself from any given date or place in order to be truly contemporary.