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25 February 2009

Fall Winter 2009/2010: Carnet de voyage

Travel represents a profoundly feminine and contemporary need for continual renewal and evolution, but it can also be an intellectual, aestheticizing experience of deep personal freedom.

In representation of this idealistic view of travel, Elena Mirò has its women slipping through elegant revolving doors - embodying transit and change - only to return with something different, giving a new view of herself.

This is the concept behind a collection that Elena Mirò set out to render in precious fabrics and workmanship, in the name of complete femininity with nuances that are constantly changing.

The range of over garments is extensive, and they feature special details: heavyweight satin trench coats, double-cloth capes, high-collared coats and elegant jackets to be matched with skirts made of chiffon with embroidered lacework, knee-length skirts, or oriental-style pants. The sensation is of cosmopolitan elegance with no boundaries.

This constant dynamic feeling lights up the dresses too, during the daytime and in the evening. From the new tweed dresses, whose natural propensity for dailywear is made exceptional by all over sequins, through to fully-blown evening dresses in chiffon and ottoman. Bold necklines draped over the back of chiffon dresses contrast high, bound collars for sheer ribbed twill blouses embroidered on an old lace base. Sophisticated black and white streaks for duchesse satin sheath skirts, to be worn together with long cashmere gloves.

The same veins are to be found in the fabrics too, from matelassé and crushed plissé, through embroidery on old lace and ragged or smooth-napped yarn-dyed, to embroidered lace on chenille and Lurex. The colour effects are refined, with opal white, pearl grey, sapphire blue, emerald green. On these shades Elena Mirò lights up eye-catching flashes of Swarovski on pochettes and satin collars.

The Elena Mirò traveller’s case holds the appeal, spirit and dreams of a woman who is truly complete and replete, capable of covering any distance with her taste and of shifting the boundaries of her panorama with her self-awareness.