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12 February 2013



Miroglio Textile is presenting the new “E.Volution” system at Première Vision. A platform inspired by awareness that seeking to improve yourself and make a difference means focusing on a few, key ingredients: innovation, environmental responsibility and creativity.

Miroglio Textile can count on knowhow, years of experience and a host of major successes achieved through its commitment to investment in Research & Development.

Its main ingredients are threefold:

1.  The printing process on polyester uses new, latest generation digital printers (including a new MS-LARIO) producing the highest standards of product quality: ultra sharp designs and colours, no limits to styling solutions, and customization taken to new extremes. More than has ever been possible before, at the centre of the project lie customers and their needs.

2.  The choice of inks has been dictated by attention to innovation and the company’s commitment to reaching beyond pre-set standards. This led to the partnership with Sensient Imaging Technology of the Global Ink Group, whose headquarters are in Switzerland. Part of the US multinational Sensient Technologies, and world leaders in digital ink-jet printing solutions, they have created a range of universal inks exclusively for Miroglio Textile, and tailored today for polyester fabrics, which achieve high quality performance using much less water than traditional inks.

3.  Creativity and service. The quality of product and service offered by Miroglio Textile has been consolidated in over 60 years on the market. Over recent years, the company has also undertaken various projects aimed at stimulating creative input in the product range. A good example is “Metri d’Arte”, in which artists from all over the world specialized in various creative disciplines are invited to work alongside Miroglio Textile’s own creative team in the company’s style office. This cross contamination between art and textiles has given rise to new ideas and exclusive solutions providing customers with support and service.

E.Volution by Miroglio Textile is a unique new project achieved by merging advanced digital printing technology, new exclusive inks, environmental awareness and a high level of creativity. A recipe which has already contributed to reaching key targets on polyester fabrics:

·       water consumption per printed linear meter down from 50 litres (traditional printing process) to 1 litre;

·       CO2 emissions reduced by up to 90%;

·       energy usage down by 57%.