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25 October 2012

Everytime Dress, the new capsule collection

Trendy from morning to night: just one dress, three different looks

Motivi is launching a new capsule collection in its shops from November 7th. The star of this capsule collection is the dress, which has always been one of Motivi’s must-have categories.
The capsule takes its name from the concept: everytime dress. It is designed for dynamic, contemporary young women who want to be fashionable all day long, looking at their very best on every occasion. Just one dress - matched with the right accessories - caters for every moment during the day.
The Motivi dress chosen is available in two colour variants, black and blue, and includes some special features.
Colour-wise, for example, there’s a solid insert in the top of the garment, and a “precious stone” print along the bottom edge. The print graphics have been created using a special innovative digital technique that’s all the rage. The result is a design that’s simple, yet packed with stylish details, such as 3D effects and more varied colouring than traditional prints.
The line of the dress follows one of next Spring’s trends too: "the Shift Dress". With its slinky, versatile fit, this style can be worn either loose or tightened at the waist by a belt, depending on the occasion.
How do you wear the same dress throughout the day, making it look different?
It’s a question of details. You just need the right match and a few extra accessories.
It’s the dress for facing up to the day with verve. The mini single-breasted coat, leather-coloured doctor bag, dark eco-leather ankle-boots and belt around the waist lend the dress everyday appeal with a vintage flavour.
Happy Hour
It’s late afternoon, and the dress takes on an even more glamorous guise that’s perfect for drinks with friends. The hip jacket, black leather ankle boots and shiny multi-string necklace provide early evening appeal. The textured maxi bag is ideal for keeping everything within easy reach. Comfy, roomy and trendy.
The dress turns chic for a special night out, matched with open pumps with heels, flat envelope bag and glazed belt.