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18 February 2019


A different view on life, a call to action against the frenzy of today’s world by investing in “time” in pursuit of genuine serenity, not just in our everyday lives but also through what we wear#prenditiltuotempo


Elena Mirò opens Milan fashion week in its Piazza della Scala Flagship Store by presenting the capsule collection designed in collaboration with Vanessa Incontrada. Con- tinuing along the path set by its Slow Living philosophy-led approach, the central theme  of the fashion show is to be Elena Mirò’s brand manifesto dedicated to the rediscovery of the value of time.


Elena Mirò’s  Spring Summer 2019 is inspired by that feeling of peace you get when you can find a bit of time for yourself and relax in the sun. It is a genuine invitation to pursue this sensation. The   free time people are able to enjoy is crumbling  under the  hectic  pace of modern  life,  and only a  few succeed in escaping its grasp. According to a recent Doxa survey, just one woman in three manages to carve out at the most 2 hours a week to dedicate to themselves, while 7.3% of the female population say they do not even find one minute. And research by “Istat – Eurostat” shows that women are the hardest hit, with one hour less free time than men.


Hence the invitation to slow down: a call to live life devoting your attention to those moments which can be short-lived yet significant, making our existence unique and adding value. Our friendships, time spent with the family,  a special dinner, a trip, a dress associated with a memory   we love. And in this world dominated by speed, the frenzy of consumption and an obsession with disposable garments worn for less than a season, Elena Mirò chooses to take the time that is necessary to create a high value product with attention given to the smallest details which is made   to last.


While fast fashion takes an average of 5 weeks from design to delivery in store, Elena Mirò’s Atelier invests 6 months in developing a high quality product in which nothing is left to chance. The collections are designed and developed in keeping with tradition  and  the  times  that  have made Italian fashion famous throughout the world. The utmost  care  is taken  over  every  detail in the garments so that the women who wear them can experience that feeling of wellbeing and sere- nity that is so hard to find nowadays.

“With this collection” says Martino Boselli, Elena Mirò Brand Director “the Brand is focusing even greater attention on the quality of the details, on the fitting, on the materials. The Atelier stylists and pattern-makers  work  to  create  perfect  garments.  Not  for  nothing  do  our  values  speak  of

know-how, premiumness and femininity, and are the expression of an Italian lifestyle envied the world over. Creating garments like these takes savoir-faire. You need time. The promise we make  to  our customers  is  to  do  our utmost to guarantee  a  perfect garment that when  worn treats  them

to a feeling of wellbeing”.


Vanessa Incontrada, the public face and designer of this capsule collection,  underlines  the concept: “To design this year’s Spring Summer collection I took inspiration from something very close to my heart: feeling good in myself and making others feel good. Working with the Elena

Mirò Atelier style team helps me enormously in this: we have all the time we need to choose a fabric, a yarn. A garment may be made and re-made several times to get it exactly to where we imagined and be certain that when it is worn it will give a feeling of wellbeing. I fully embrace  the  idea of taking time: I love Milan, and its frenzy and fashion, but sometimes I take a break in the  peace   and   quiet  of   Follonica,   where   I   can   think  about  the   collection   without unnecessary


The Piazza della Scala Flagship Store in Milano is being transformed for the fashion show into an enchanting, sun-drenched outdoor space where you can slow down, stop, lounge and manage to finally appreciate the details that will make Spring Summer 2019 intriguing.


The “Elena Mirò disegnata da Vanessa Incontrada” Spring Summer 2019 Collection


Taking your time to stop, remember and relive special moments. Journeys, emotions, rediscovered notes, photos that warm the heart.

“For Vanessa it was a bit like opening a diary telling the story of journeys to faraway places”, says the Brand’s Creative Director, Roberto Baracco. “Reliving impressions, letting herself be carried away by memories, and capturing some of them to make them come to life again in a dress, a

print. Not a precise place. Just echoes of the world, reworked in total relaxation with clothes that  reflect that feeling of freedom only summertime is capable of giving us”.

The mood of the Elena Mirò disegnata da Vanessa Incontrada capsule embodies this getaway to far-off lands, mixing and matching different  cultural expressions.  Sophisticated foliage  prints carry the imagination to the Zen-like atmospheres of oriental mountain chains crossed by women clothed  in natural, flowing materials such as wispy drawstringed dusters made of precious silks.


The colourful ceramics of Tunis come to life in three-dimensional prints for long dresses and lightweight caftans, only for us to be carried off then to the  other side  of the  world, towards  the  clear horizons of the west in jeans and bandana prints with a flavour of azulejos…


Travelling with memories, yellow African sunsets make an appearance, featuring a mix of tribal prints like small backlit shadows, linen bush jackets that become blazers, safari shirts that turn into smock dresses, and elaborate jacquard cardigans inspired by Nairobi rugs.


They are places that have left their mark on the traveller, portrayed in lightweight cotton t-shirts bearing Vanessa’s Instagram notes. Read “I wish August was ninety days long”, and you are in the mood straightaway. An exciting journey, with each garment a memory, because it is when you travel that “you meet people who enter your heart and stay there forever”. Everything is expressed  following the Brand’s  style code: a relaxed, easy,  deconstructed way of dressing, always  attentive   to prints that are stylish and have character.


The great consideration that has always been dedicated to the fit, quality of materials and  richness  of tailoring are the cornerstones of a collection that gives a pleasant feeling of comfortable fami-  liarity while conveying a serene sensation of positivity.