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17 September 2018


The Piazza della Scala Store becomes a birch wood for the "Elena Miro' disegnata da Vanessa Incontrada" F/W 2018 fashion show

Outside, the hustle & bustle of the city. Inside the store, the peace & quiet of the woods.

The Elena Mirò woman’s love for life finds its ideal setting in a birch wood recreated in the Piazza della Scala Flagship Store. A new unimprovised, everyday happiness. A place where rather than being a limitation, time is a resource in which the garments worn conjure up wellbeing, a pleasant feeling and freedom, favouring a vital, positive longing to get away.

Elena Mirò Slow Living is in absolute contrast to fast food/fast fashion and the tendency to hurry, rapidly consuming garment after garment right to the end, only to throw them all out and start all over again. Slow Living means time and care, perfectly-fitting garments, and outfits full of character preciously worked from fine materials.

This is why Milan’s Piazza della Scala Flagship Store is being transformed into a wood of birch trees to host the presentation of the new F/W 2018 collection. While outside the world moves in a frantic rush, inside the store the Elena Mirò woman is pampered by the calming embrace of the woods so she can relax and rediscover her innermost soul, finding a moment for herself and to pursue the freedom too often denied her by the pace of city life in order to finally reclaim her own unique style.

And it is precisely thanks to the vision of Vanessa Incontrada and the experience of the Elena Mirò Atelier that the magic is achieved with the garments in the capsule collection: the laid-back flavour and attention to detail allow the flight for freedom to be relished, and the moment to be enjoyed with full awareness. The great consideration that has always been dedicated to the fit, quality of the materials and richness of the tailoring are the cornerstones of a collection that gives a pleasant feeling of comfortable familiarity while conveying a serene sensation of positivity.

The collection is a succession of destructured forms, of capes and their reworking into slinky cardigans and soft over garments. Outfits that are relaxed, yet show great character, with recurring allusions to folk: whether it is in the precious embroidered edging, or the Jacquard fabrics. Echoes appear of Caucasia and far-off lands, with a certain attention to femininity: in the slit necklines, fluid fabrics and light, positioned prints.

“In my way of conceiving a collection there is always a longing for the freedom to live one’s own identity with no restraints or constraints. A traveller who is attracted by nature and chooses where to go, what to discover and what to remember. I designed the garments in my capsule focusing a lot on the mix and match concept” adds Vanessa Incontrada, the project’s creative spirit and public face. “For me it is important for every woman to be able to express her individuality to the utmost through the greatest variety of possible combinations: from the comfortable wools that rework an ethnic flavour in feminine-folk style, to the soft pants given movement by shiny-matt designs. But maybe it is the knitwear that comes out best of all, from the feature cardigan with big Jacquard motifs, to the reinterpretation of the poncho, which has always been my favourite garment”.

Elena Mirò Brand Director Martino Boselli concludes: “We talk about Slow Living to refer to us and what our collection is about. It is a major step on the journey of our brand that began 33 years ago, and which is reaching more and more customers in 2018. Our brand values are inclusivity and femininity, and they accompany us in every choice we make. Added to all this is expertise, and when we talk about our collection we do it by speaking of unique pieces with high-value materials and workmanship, and - last but not least - a perfect fit. In this sense, Slow Living takes on a strong, distinctive meaning in that it expresses the joy and pleasure of enjoying the garment you are wearing to the full. A feeling of wellbeing. Another step on the road taken with - and thanks to - Vanessa”.