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20 February 2018

ELENA MIRO' PRESENTS THE "ATELIER" a creative studio for the contemporary woman

Vanessa Incontrada for Elena Mirò S/S 2018 collection fashion show in Piazza della Scala Flagship Store

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The creative partnership between Vanessa Incontrada and Elena Mirò grows stronger still through the new S/S 2018 collection dedicated to authentic women – like Vanessa – who are straddling two overlapping driving forces: on the one hand, the appeal of normality, of wanting to feel good with yourself and with others, and on the other the desire to distance yourself from banality. A search for equilibrium which is translated into a wardrobe composed of reworked timeless garments, and completed by pieces with their own strong personality featuring contemporary proportions, stylish materials and evocative prints.

The work done with Vanessa Incontrada falls within this concept, and the resulting collaboration abounds instinctively with passion, harmony and great attention to the pursuit of innovation. This is exemplified by the original indigo part of the collection: a premium, sartorial style reinterpretation of denim, with linen merging with cotton to create particularly refined, used effects. The denim even becomes knitwear, thanks to the use of faded yarns that take the form of pea coats of different lengths, decorated by fringes.

The collection opens with a carpet of flowers on a world of indigo. Prints that herald spring with femininity: cascades of little bellflowers and floral patterns on a blue background. Flowers that lead in some way to the Orient, gradually becoming tinged with the arrays of pinks and reds. The rich trail of prints is like a journey towards summertime, reaching as far as delicate ethnic influences: golden yellows and whites giving life - on linen and chiffon - to finely-drawn paisley prints, before submerging into an elegant total black animated by flowing pin-stripes.

To prepare the new collection, Vanessa Incontrada worked with the brand’s style team in the Elena Mirò Atelier. The result is a project packed with influences that comes from a place that is workshop, style office and archive, all at the same time: a small world in itself, where it is easy to be infected by expertise and creativity. The Elena Mirò Atelier is an integrating element of the collections, and is itself the concept and source of inspiration that delivered the fashion show in the Flagship store in Piazza della Scala.

Martino Boselli, Elena Mirò Brand Director, underlines the concept: “The show sets out to present a contemporary reworking of the ‘atelier’ concept. The term comes from the ancient French word ‘astelier’, meaning ‘worksite’. And a ‘modern worksite’ is precisely what we think of when we imagine the place where the many professional skills that go into creating the collection coexist. Vanessa Incontrada was able to express herself to the full both as a designer and as a woman living in the contemporary world. Amidst desires and trends, she shared a creative journey with the staff in this magical Atelier, supported by acknowledged pattern-making expertise”.

Elena Mirò’s Creative Director, Roberto Baracco,  comments: “With Vanessa we are following a pathway on which not only are collections created, but key garments in the wardrobe are also reworked from season to season, prioritizing mainly current trends. So while last spring this meant giving new proportions to the bomber jacket, and in winter the parka was completely reinterpreted with a feminine approach, this spring summer 2018 we have chosen the trench coat as our iconic garment, paying great attention to the fit and the fluidity of the fabrics”.

Vanessa Incontrada, the project’s creative spirit and its public face, continues: “Working inside the Atelier was exhilarating. All the energy I absorbed translated into product ideas. Little by little, designs were added to the collection, which became a treasure chest of a wardrobe presenting the most important trends in the S/S 2018 season. The part that thrilled me most was the search for the prints that it was decided to give great importance to in creating the essence of the collection. It involved instinct and passion, but also great reasoning aimed at reaching a harmonious balance: prints that are refined and easy-to-wear, but have their own strong personality, originating from influences in precious archives and redesigned with a contemporary style”.

Hans Hoegstedt, Miroglio Fashion’s CEO, concludes: “Today Elena Mirò represents one of the most important and strategic brands in Miroglio Fashion’s offering. A brand with an increasingly clear identity that is undergoing a great journey of stylistic and product growth, thanks also to projects like this one, in which experience, creativity, and the ability to read customers’ needs and demands come together to create something quite unique”.