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28 May 2018


The two brands forge a new partnership that brings innovative e-commerce dynamics right into the retail world.

Elena Mirò’s Milan flagship store in Piazza della Scala is being transformed into a digital temporary shop in association with Privalia and taking centre stage for 4 days of initiatives, entertainment and events.

Miroglio Fashion brand Elena Mirò and online “favourite brands” outlet Privalia are exploring the latest frontiers of the seamless shopping experience and setting up an innovative collaboration dedicated to the multi-channel approach and entertainment.

Elena Mirò and Privalia are always looking to be closer to their customers, and have decided to work together to offer them a totally new, complete and engaging way to shop: in keeping with a broader total omnichannel approach strategy, for several days the Elena Mirò flagship store in Piazza della Scala right in the centre of Milan will also be incorporating a pop-up store created by leading flash sales player Privalia.

From May 23rd to 26th, the Milan store will be hosting a temporary 4-day on and offline integrated shopping experience, where the brand’s customers will be accompanied round the shop by dedicated shop assistants and offered the chance to try on garments in the Elena Mirò collection and buy them via iPad on the Privalia website, with a free “click&pick-up” service operating in-store, or “click&deliver” with same-day delivery to the customer’s home anywhere in Milan for purchases made before 3 pm, or the next day for purchases made in the afternoon.

A further dimension will be added to this new, “physical”-cum-“digital” in-store experience with events, entertainment and workshops. All the initiatives will be widely-documented and posted on Elena Mirò and Privalia social media channels, as well as by the influencers involved in the project, creating further engagement with each single event and giving customers in the store a new experience which is exciting and inclusive.

Hans Hoegstedt, Miroglio Fashion’s MD, explains: “The apparel market and the purchasing behaviour of our customers are changing. Today there is a fluid approach that moves between the various channels for different shopping occasions. We want to be alongside our customers in this new process, and to enhance this new world. That is why we have decided to join together with the world leaders in flash sales, Privalia / vente-privee Group, to create a big temporary shop combining online and offline in our Elena Mirò flagship store in Piazza della Scala in Milan”.

The omnichannel avenue undertaken by Elena Mirò is part of a broader, more complete project framework that Miroglio Fashion launched in 2017 to strengthen innovation at the service of the retail world with a decidedly multi-channel approach and a major technological focus. “Digital, e-commerce and Customer Relationship Management activities play a fundamental role in Miroglio Fashion’s strategic roadmap” continues Hoegstedt. “In 2017 our company delivered on major investment to improve our sales outlets (e.g.: the ‘300 in 300’ project), set up 5 new e-commerce websites, and reinforced the social media presence and online visibility of our brands, expanding successfully into the ‘marketplace’ channel as well. This latest step implemented by Elena Mirò with the important cooperation of Privalia confirms how the omnichannel approach is the right way to go to be increasingly close to our customers, their needs and their desires during the shopping experience”.

Fabio Bonfà, the Privalia and vente-privee Country Manager for Italy, comments: “We are particularly proud of this partnership with Miroglio Fashion: the vente-privee Group has always been at the cutting edge in pioneering innovation, putting the customer experience at the centre of its strategy. The formula we have created together with Elena Mirò is extremely innovative for the retail sector in Italy, and marks a new step in brand and e-commerce relations, and more generally in seamless on-offline integration.

This is the direction outlined by today’s consumers, who are looking for an engaging, synergetic shopping experience that integrates the various channels, and offers service capable of meeting their needs quickly and effectively”. Bonfà continues: “Over these 4 days of partnership we will be creating the shop ‘of the future’, where the immediacy of online combines with the human touch of in-store service to provide a customized shopping experience which is unique on the Italian scene”.

Elena Mirò’s Brand Director Martino Boselli adds: “The project developed with Privalia is very important to us. As a matter of fact, through this highly innovative solution we will be able to offer our customers a truly complete, all-round brand experience, on and offline with no limits”. Boselli concludes by underlining the brand’s commitment to innovation: “Being pioneers has always been part of Elena Mirò’s DNA. Evidence of how our omnichannel strategy is working came in April when we were presented with Facebook’s Instapodio award for the campaign that most stood out for its impact on sales, new features, and creative use of the platform’s formats”.