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02 October 2017


Inauguration of the new Elena Mirò Flagship Store in Piazza della Scala, with the “Vanessa Incontrada disegna Elena Mirò” A/W 2017 capsule collection on the catwalk


Elena Mirò, the brand which has always flown the flag for femininity, chooses to take to the catwalk with “paper models” to convey the journey and work lying behind the creation of a garment, and make every woman feel more beautiful as soon as she puts on a dress.

The “paper models” are the patterns around which a dress is created.

Veritable works of “serial craftsmanship”, these fluttering, light forms are accompanied by writing, notes and highlighting by an expert team of the stylists’ fundamental partner: the pattern-makers. Their work, skills and ability to mould garments onto female forms are what give life to collections which are not only beautiful to see, but also wonderful to wear. A true homage to women and femininity.

“This is an important day for us” says Hans Hoegstedt, Miroglio Fashion CEO. “A further step in the strategy of a brand that has always been close to women, 365 days a year. Elena Mirò is celebrating the inauguration of the new Piazza della Scala Flagship Store with a fashion show by Vanessa Incontrada, the stylist and testimonial of the A/W 2017 capsule collection. In taking this step, we wanted to start by putting across the true, profound spirit of the collection. The paper pattern encapsulates the origins of our know-how and expertise in constructing and bringing to life garments that can dress a woman with style and taste, enhancing her femininity”.

Roberto Baracco, Elena Mirò’s Creative Director, continues: “Behind all this lies the work and passion of the Elena Mirò Atelier, a team capable of creating collections that bring out the very best in women: 15 stylists, 42 pattern-makers and 11 dressmakers who know the secrets of these women and how to make them more feminine … with a hint of sensuality. The team has managed to capture Vanessa Incontrada’s stimuli, indications and suggestions in creating a unique collection in perfect keeping with our brand’s DNA”.

“I am happy and proud to be representing this real, authentic way of interpreting and highlighting femininity” concludes Vanessa Incontrada. “A great understanding has developed in the work with stylists and pattern-makers during two years of collaboration with Elena Mirò. It is incredible how the Elena Mirò Atelier can design, create and model garments that are ideal for a woman who works and takes care of her family, but also loves to feel good at any time of day. It’s lovely to wear garments that can bring out the very best in women while never forgetting their sensual side. This collection represents me 100%”.

Following the “see now buy now” philosophy, the new “Vanessa Incontrada disegna Elena Mirò” capsule collection is already available in all the branded stores, in the main shops-in-shops, through the wholesale channel and online on


Elena Mirò

Today Elena Mirò is the best-known brand in the curvy segment (source GFK-Eurisko brand tracking Italy 2016). A major force with a big reputation built up over 32 years of history through its collections, stores, image and various communication projects.

Elena Mirò was launched in 1985, and from the ’90s chose to represent its values and philosophy through disruptive communication campaigns and original ideas, while always looking to highlight the femininity of every woman whatever their shape.

In 2005 Elena began taking to the catwalk during Milano Collezioni week to convey its world of femininity, taste and style with a smile. A different way of conceptualizing fashion, which led in 2007 to an important recognition being received from the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano.

The people who create the collection today - 15 stylists, 42 pattern-makers and 11 dress-makers - make up a team with a wealth of know-how in the Elena Mirò Atelier when it comes to style and fit.

The brand is present in 28 countries with 244 branded stores (147 of which are in Italy) and 872 multi-brand stores (542 of which are in Italy) through wholesale channels.

The main countries where Elena Mirò is distributed are: Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Russia.

Elena Mirò is one of the 8 brands produced by Miroglio Fashion, the number three womenswear company on the Italian market and part of the Miroglio Group, the leading textile and apparel business founded in 1947.


The new “Vanessa Incontrada disegna Elena Mirò” Capsule Collection

The collection designed by Vanessa Incontrada is like a wardrobe that contains the season’s key trends, and does it stylishly. And though it is a contemporary dress style with a personality of its own, it is restrained and without extremes, focusing on showing off femininity to advantage through details.

Every garment - including the most simple - has a history that starts with stylistic intuition, and develops into an accurate analysis of the paper pattern to guarantee a perfect fit.

One of the collection’s main themes is the trend for British-inspired fabrics that historically belong to the male wardrobe.

The challenge was to give this theme a significant touch of femininity, working on the fabrics, styles and combinations.

The entirely hand-sewn Prince-of-Wales overcoat turns into an unstructured cardigan-coat with high slits, just as the jacket - also with a Prince of Wales check - loses its masculine connotations by becoming soft and slinky, with a dinner jacket collar.

Everything is reworked, but with moderation, like the woollen fabric jogging pants, or the parka that acquires femininity thanks to new proportions.

Adding refinement are silky blouses and lightweight dresses in small floral prints. Graceful lingerie touches go nicely with the cashmere knitwear, and the considerable use of velvet lends the collection a fine, contemporary feel.

The knitwear takes on an important role, with snug and warm passe-partout ponchos in fine yarns to wear on everything.

A collection full of details such as the active touches that feature on some garments, and where everything is worn loose and unstructured, with carefully-designed proportions giving the silhouette an appealing sense of harmony.


The new Flagship store

The new Elena Mirò store in Milan’s Piazza della Scala is marked by design that combines classic and contemporary materials and architectural features in pursuit of a stimulating, yet at the same time reassuring equilibrium. Concepts summed up best by the central reflecting crystal that expresses its contemporary nature and acts as a contrasting to the more classic elements.

So fine finishings make their appearance, with galvanized brass and bronze, herringbone wooden flooring and precious marble, joined by modern polygonal mirror metal volumes and textile details.

The recurring archetypal form invoked in the design of furniture and settings as an essential frame of reference in Italian architectural language is the arch: the perfect embrace, an emblematic symbol of inclusion.


The “300 in 300” plan

The launching of the new Flagship Store forms part of a project the company embarked on at the beginning of 2017, investing 15 million euro in the opening and restyling of 300 stores in 300 days (and involving 8 Miroglio Fashion brands).

As regards Elena Mirò, 15 shops have already been completed, and these will be added to by another 10 by the end of the year, making a total of 25.

This unprecedented investment plan designed to raise the profile of our network of stores forms part of Miroglio Fashion’s broader relaunch strategy”, commented Hans Hoegstedt, Miroglio Fashion’s new CEO. “In a highly dynamic market such as fashion which is moving increasingly towards massification, it is essential to know what your customers want, both online and offline, and to offer them an increasingly distinctive and customized in-store experience that is unique for each brand. For a long-established Italian fashion company like Miroglio, we believe this is the best way of guaranteeing continuing success in both the Italian and international markets”.