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17 September 2012

Creativity and digital printing at Première Vision

Creativity, just-in-time production and design quality through digital printing: Miroglio Textile puts one of the crucial challenges for the textile industry in the spotlight at Première Vision, and does it by creating new fabrics in real time with an unprecedented performance by Stefano Arienti, one of the leading artists on the Italian scene. With the Miroglio Textile stand transformed for the occasion into an artist’s studio from 9 am to 6.30 pm on 19 and 20 September, original silk and cotton fabrics will be printed using a dynamic, fast digital printing system. The challenge has been set up as part of the Metres of Art project previewed itself at Première Vision in Paris in February, the new edition of which is soon to be launched.
“How can the production process of a fabric be rethought so as to take advantage of the speed, quality and limitless creative freedom allowed for by digital printing?” Miroglio Textile’s response over the two days in Paris will be a performance straddling artistic work and a new concept for industrial production which stems from a collaboration between Stefano Arienti and the company’s style office. The result is a series of completely unique and exclusive artist fabrics produced on the spot with the involvement of the public and printed in real time. Visitors to the fair will, in fact, be able to offer ideas or starting points - such as objects or images - for the creation of a fabric, triggering the artistic process. The material will then be artistically reworked and digitalized. Finally, a plotter will print out the artist fabric, completing the creative process by delivering the end result thanks to the potential offered by digital printing.
The collaboration between Stefano Arienti and Miroglio Textile began in 2011 as part of the Metres of Art project which saw the artist work with the style office’s designers in producing the prints for two artist collections: “trame” and “ritagli di natura”. Metres of Art is an artistic project that presents Miroglio Textile as an innovative laboratory of thought and experimentation capable of fashioning fabrics which are conceived, designed and produced as works of real participatory art endowed with beauty, soul and content. Inaugurated at Première Vision Spring/Summer 2012 in Paris, Metres of Art has seen the involvement of Stefano Arienti, Massimo Caccia and Maggie Cardelús in successfully creating 6 lines for a total of 21 designer artist fabrics. Curated by Trivioquadrivio, Metres of Art sets out to be a meeting point between art and industry for the enthusiastic exploration of new frontiers of creativity.
Stefano Arienti
Stefano Arienti is one of the best-known artists on the Italian scene. In touch with the most eccentric fringes of the Italian avant-garde in the 1980s, the art public has been surprised by the variety in his work and his ability to transform everyday objects and materials into works of art by constantly experimenting with tools and techniques. A professor at IUAV University of Venice and the Bergamo Academy of Fine Arts, Arienti’s works are on display in leading museums in Italy, the USA and Britain.
“I work on objects that already exist; objects conjuring up images which are part of the visual culture of our time; objects which have a very precise subject-matter that can be transformed to obtain a more personal view. So as an artist I work on presenting things from a different point of view, transforming them to give a personal take within a contemporary framework.”