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24 March 2017


From RFID technology to software that integrates online and offline channels, to the “borsino” which combines artificial intelligence with staff experience for warehouse stock management.

Miroglio Fashion a women's clothing company belonging to the Miroglio Group which creates and markets 11 brands including Motivi, Oltre, Elena Mirò and Fiorella Rubino across 1,100 single-brand stores, is launching a series of technologically advanced projects to improve the efficiency and performance of its retail sector. In a nutshell:


Intelligent Cash Desks

Developed in partnership with Oracle, the XStore Project is a new cash desk software program due to replace the current store software across the entire international network of 1,100 directly owned or franchise stores, activating new methods of integrating physical stores with online shopping.

The roll-out of the project, which began in January 2017 and is expected to continue through the fourth quarter of 2017 and the first six months of 2017, will affect all of the brands in the Group’s retail network.

Investment in the project is around EUR 1.6 million.


RFID in Fiorella Rubino stores

This project aims to introduce a tracking system for single items through tagging with RFID chips. Enabling every single garment to be remotely identified, the system will help to streamline the management channels for in-store stock and produce precise stocktakes, benefitting the entire logistics chain and multi-channel processes as well as having a positive impact on sales.

Developed in partnership with Temera, the project includes every one of the 170 Fiorella Rubino stores and will be applied to every single sales item, from garments to accessories. The project stands out both within Italy and on a European level for the number of stores involved, for its end objective of a completely “tagged” store network and for the scope of revised processes, from central warehouse management to the sale and management of stock, to anti-shoplifting systems.

Investment in the project is around EUR 1.5 million.


The “borsino”

Developed in partnership with Evopricing and the University of Turin, this project focuses on a new integrated process of replenishing and distributing stock in the central warehouse and between stores: a sort of “availability list” which combines quantitative data and the experience of sales personnel, benefitting from the technology's predictive capabilities. The process is based on the objective survey of the sales potential of every item in each store, as well as the personal assessments of individual store managers who can request or cancel delivery of articles based on their expected sales. The new system, innovative both in terms of the high level of integration and automation as well as the flexibility granted by the multiple manageable parameters, has been active in the Fiorella Rubino and Elena Mirò networks since September 2016. The entire FW 2016 season was managed using the new method and an evaluation model has been developed to assess the results.


“Innovation is an increasingly important part of Miroglio Fashion's new direction”, declared Hans Hoegstedt, new CEO of Miroglio Fashion. “With these innovative projects we want to bring “4.0” solutions like those of the industrial sector into retail, using technologies and digital advancements to offer our customers an even richer and more complete shopping experience and to increase and improve efficiency in our stores. With the Retail 4.0 programme, we will progressively shape our vision of the future of retail: technology will maximise the potential of our staff and our understanding of the needs and expectations of the women who choose our brands. And that’s not all: the Miroglio Retail 4.0 project will also be included in our new plan, “300 in 300” (see and attached note), involving a EUR 15 million investment to redevelop the image of 300 stores in 300 days. This is a great challenge where we will be committed to enhancing the Miroglio Fashion store network (Motivi, Oltre, Elena Mirò, Fiorella Rubino, Caractère, Diana Gallesi, Luisa Viola and Per te by Krizia ) in order to increase the distinctive characteristics and personalisation of each brand”.


Francesco Cavarero, Chief Information Officer of the Miroglio Group, added: “The main challenge at company level today is to choose the most appropriate solutions in a context of extremely dynamic and fragmented opportunities in terms of the range of technologies currently on the market”.



The Miroglio Group is an Italian industrial company which has been operating in the textile and fashion sectors since 1947 and is now present in 34 with 4 factories.


Miroglio Fashion, a women's clothing company belonging to the Miroglio Group, creates and markets 11 brands, distributed internationally.


Miroglio Textile is a leading company in printed fabrics, transfer paper and technical films for decorating various types of material.


In 2015, the consolidated profits of the Miroglio Group were EUR 645 million.