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16 September 2014


Miroglio Textile has decoded the DNA of its colours!

A new and revolutionary system for digital colour communication was born thanks to the Miroglio Textile e DMIx© experience.

Thanks to the DMIx© technical quality, which is currently the most innovative standard available for digital colour communication in the world, Miroglio Textile is now able to identify, exactly match and accurately reproduce digital samples of colours and surfaces.

DMIx been successfully developed and implemented thanks to the cooperation between a network of well-known hardware and software developers such as CADDON, EPSON, EFI e Color Digital.

The digitised workflow of DMIx is based on CADDON's multi-spectral technology. Using this technology enables Miroglio Textile for the first time to translate the visual impression of the colours and patterns shown on a mood board into identical production colours in a reliable process. Multi-spectral measurement of colours, patterns and surfaces means that they can be depicted on a computer screen and will exactly match the sample. In the DMIx colour communication system, the colour measurements that are taken can be quickly and easily applied in production, using the CADDON recording and reproduction system, EPSON printers and software from EFI and COLOR DIGITAL.

With this new ground breaking technology programme and partnership, Miroglio Textile is not just making one big step further in its commitment to smart innovation journey started with the E.Volution™ introduction 2 years ago, but is overall leading the way in advancing digital evolution of the whole textile industry at international level.

Perfection from sourcing to production. Colours and patterns are digitally decoded and archived so that they can be exactly reproduced. This also means that the Miroglio Textile latest trend colour chart can now be made available digitally and free of charge at It is planned to provide other colour charts there too.


COLOUR DNA from MIROGLIO TEXTILE offers its customers and partners a unique digital forum for representing and accurately sharing colours, patterns and textiles.