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01 February 2013


The Miroglio Group brand launches new website


As from today Caractère’s new website is on line, completing a project repositioning the brand’s styling, distribution, communication and visual identity through which it is also redefining its digital identity.

The visual codes communicated by the imaging live in and are amplified by the medium’s interactive dimension, confirming the values of elegance and femininity which are presented with an absolutely contemporary New Formal approach.

Caractère’s new online world mirrors offline activities in leading users on an emotional journey through the three dimensions of its personality: Soul, Skin, Identity.


The essence of the brand, the idea in its pure state. Where creativity and sound design merge into an appealing blend.


The idea takes shape, from inspiration to form. In a word: the collection.


Past, present and future. Everything that represents the individuality of the brand, its heritage and its statement.

Striking and particular, the creative concept is inspired by the semantic value of the brand name itself, character, confirming a distinctive, unique brand identity dedicated to a woman with a great personality.

Adv Agency : Ego of WRG     |     Web Agency: Alquimia of WRG