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11 September 2013

Caractère and For.Me Elena Mirò with Grandi Stazioni

For the second consecutive season, Miroglio has decided to partner with Grandi Stazioni and take the Caractère and For.Me Elena Mirò brands to the 13 biggest railways stations in Italy with a billboard campaign that will run between 9-22 September.
Every day the communication will reach out to almost 2 million contacts, a figure that will rise to 27 million over the 14 days of the campaign.
The completion of the process to renovate the railway stations managed by Grandi Stazioni, which have now become full-blown shopping centres, has resulted in an increase in the number of people passing through the stations and the average time they spend there. However, it was the “impact factor” that had the biggest influence on the decision and the possibility of creating a genuine “domination” effect through the combined use of traditional and digital systems with elevated emotional impact: thanks to their large dimensions and their highly strategic placement in the stations, these systems guarantee an impact and a level of recall that is difficult to achieve with other means.