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15 September 2017

70 years of Miroglio - Innovation is the tradition of our territory

From September 14th to October 20th in Banca d’Alba’s headquarters: an exhibition during the Truffle Fair to celebrate the Miroglio Group’s anniversary.

The Miroglio textiles and apparel group, well-known for its fashion brands like Motivi, Oltre, Elena Mirò and Fiorella Rubino, and its long-established textile printing tradition, is celebrating its 70th anniversary by organizing an exhibition entitled “70 years of Miroglio - Innovation is the tradition of our territory”. To be held during the Truffle Fair in Banca d’Alba‘s headquarters from September 14th to October 20th, the display will look back on the key milestones in the Group’s entrepreneurial past.

Images and video installations will tell the company’s all-Italian story, which began back in the late 1800s as a trading business and was transformed into an industrial enterprise starting from 1947.

The story of a company - created by Giuseppe Miroglio - which has continued to grow and innovate while keeping faith with its roots in the local area. A journey marked by a blend of tradition and innovation, elements which might appear to be in conflict but can actually be the foundation for a sustainable future.

The exhibition’s central theme is embodied in a collection of 20 exclusive, ‘50s-inspired outfits. The original prints were selected from Miroglio Textile’s historical archive, which contains more than 50,000 patterns, and they have been reworked with a contemporary approach while maintaining their authenticity, creating a collection of timeless garments.

Latest-generation three-dimensional pattern-making programs were used in conjunction with the know-how of the dressmakers in the company’s in-house atelier.

“This is the philosophy that inspires our work: the combination of tradition and innovation” underlines Giuseppe Miroglio, the Group’s Chairman and grandson of its founder, “a philosophy and a way of being and working which is typical of this area, where substance merges with creativity and innovation, and where crises or transitions in the market are always seen and dealt with as necessary steps to introducing change.