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21 March 2013


A special project of artist’s installations and fabrics designed by Loris Cecchini and Francesco Simeti


Loris Cecchini and Francesco Simeti are the protagonists of the second edition of Metri d’Arte project (, the collection of artist's fabrics that Miroglio Textile is presenting in China starting from the 28th March with a special project of art installations at the Galleria Continua Beijing, within Loris Cecchini’s solo show.
Thanks to the collaboration between two of the most highly regarded Italian artists worldwide and the designers of Miroglio Group, the Metri d’Arte project has developed a new chapter, as a result of a deep dialogue between the art and industrial production worlds.
Conceived and designed as true works of participatory art, the fabrics have been developed from original artworks especially created by the artists for Miroglio Textile on the theme of the relationship between nature and technology, and reworked by the designers of the Style Department in a wide range of patterns and colours for the Spring/Summer 2014 collection.
«Metri d’Arte is a real experimental incubator − a space that Miroglio Textile has dedicated to research and experimentation, also by virtue of the close relationship the company has had for many years with the world of art, inspired by a new creativity in which fabrics created as works of art can embody content, and a story to be told, at the same time as fostering the creative process. The goal is to bring powerful creative innovation into the textile business, based on the way to conceive and produce a fabric, in order to depart from traditional fashion canons and offer greatly original as well as high-quality Italian-made products», explains Elena Miroglio, Executive Vice President for Strategies of the Miroglio Group.
Thus, while in Loris Cecchini's material approach powder pigments, colour blotches and wrinkled aluminium foil turn into yards of fabric with a high level of innovation and experimentation, in Francesco Simeti's approach dream worlds made of plants, flowers, animals, feathers and other elements –  which are discernible only to the most alert observers – materialise on fabric, substantiating a poetic yet wild nature, as though they were animated performers of a great living wallpaper.
A major novelty of the second edition of Metri d’Arte is the collaboration with Galleria Continua Beijing where, from March 28th until late June, alongside Loris Cecchini's solo show will be featured two installations by the artists, following the workshop carried out by the artists and the designers, and inspired by the encounter with the company and the original drawings the collection is based on. In separate but adjoining rooms, each artist stages his representation and artistic interpretation of nature. In Cecchini's installation, the viewer enters a proper "industrial forest" consisting of 200 metal cylinders, to symbolise the transition to new production technologies and the contrast between industrial tradition and technological evolution. In Simeti's room, instead, visitors wander into a dreamlike and surreal world animated by installations made by silk flags on bamboo poles, waving in the space natural elements and apparently comforting landscapes designed by the artists.
The Metri d’Arte Collection is going to be previewed on March 28th, 2013 in Beijing with a special evening event at the Galleria Continua, during which the installations and the works by renowned Chinese artists will be auctioned by Christie's. The funds raised will go to the Fondazione Solidarietà italiana Qingdao charity association, for a project dedicated to the Qingdao children hospital.
Metri d’Arte, curated by Trivioquadrivio (, translates into reality Miroglio Textile's new vision, proving once again the company's ability to interpret contemporaneity, constantly renewing itself, in an unprecedented alliance between art and business, between innovation of thought and technological innovation, to create original as well as meaningful designs.
The first Metri d’Arte edition, which was presented in Paris last year, sow the participation of the artists Stefano Arienti, Massimo Caccia and Maggie Cardelús.
The Metri d’Arte Collection follows the new direction carried out by Miroglio Textile in the last months. The company has in fact recently launched E.Volution, the innovative platform by Miroglio Textile, combining three key elements:
-        advanced digital printing technology,
-        attention to eco-sustainability,
-        focus on high level of creativity, for instance with the Metri d’Arte project.
Since now such innovative platform, also thanks to eco inks, has allowed the company to go down from 50 litres - traditional printing process - to one litre for each metre of printed polyester fabric, with a reduction of CO2 emissions by up to 90% and energy usage down by 57%.