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18 February 2014


Miroglio Textile presents its artistic collaboration with the artist Paolo Galetto.

Miroglio Textile has been a guiding light in the world of textile printing for over 60 years and as proof of the strong belief held in the added value that true creativity brings they will be exhibiting at Première Vision the results of a unique collaboration with the drawer-portrait artist Paolo Galetto.
Miroglio Textile has a rich creative history behind it, which is in continuous evolution today thanks to the possibilities offered by combining the company’s state of the art digital printing technology with artistic input from well-known, established artists. This singular synthesis of technical and artistic talent has strived to pay homage to that unique sense of Italian design genius, developing into the initiatives “Metri d’Arte” (the design project that brings together industrial production and artistic creativity) and “E.volution™ by Miroglio Textile” (the technological platform that offers an incredible range of printing solutions while respecting even the most uncompromising environmental credentials).
The collaboration between Miroglio Textile and the eclectic drawer Paolo Galetto has given rise to three watercolour designs, produced by the artist specifically to be printed on a T-shirt, a long T-shirt and a dress.
The project is proof of the high regard Miroglio Textile holds for art and creativity and the amazing capacity they have for the artful blending of technical knowledge, their own strong point, with  images, visions, brush strokes and a research for beauty that has become a reality thanks to a new collection of prints.
Première Vision: Miroglio Textile booth A26/B25, Hall 5

Paolo Galetto

Born in Turin in 1962, Paolo Galetto has worked for many years as a visual artist, creating hundreds of storyboards for some of the most important cinema studios in the world. He has combined this with his work as a painter.
Drawer, portrait painter and illustrator, his research began with landscapes, evolving to include the study of the human figure, then the world of fashion and portraiture.
Among his commission works, for which he has developed a technique in which he places himself somewhere between his artistic research and a stronger intention to communicate, are to be found his “Voguettes”, female portraits created for Vogue Italia.
Since March 2010 his portraits of Italy’s most important thinkers, writers and intellectuals have graced the cultural pages of “La Stampa”. He lives and works between Turin and Paris.